NanoCASE - The Platform for Evaluation and Analytics
for Nanomaterials and Nanoproducts

Welcome to NanoCASE

We support you building your self-control

  • You are manufacturing nanomaterials or products containing nanomaterials and you are already on the market or start to place them on the market.

  • You want to train your employees in producing and using nanomaterials at the workplace in a safe way.

  • You want to analyse your nanoproducts or nanomaterials or you need toxicological expertise, you want to control the safety of your workplaces and you want to reduce the risks for consumers, employees and the environment.

For this purpose NanoCASE GmbH is your right partner.

NanoCASE offers a complete service and helps you to consider the safety aspects of your products in their complete life-cycle and to take reasonable precautions.


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